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Consumers increasingly demand re-assurance of the quality and content of their food. Customers benefit from our International knowledge of the fields which give us an insight into emerging risks. Our involvement in R & D activities ensures that our methods are continually incorporating the latest proven technology in analysis of:

Food Sectors Tests

Fruits & Vegetables

Juices & Fruit concentrates

Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Beverages

Ready-to-eat products

Cereals, Pulses & by-products

Seeds & oil seeds

Sugar & Chocolates

Bakery & Confectionery products

Spices & Condiments

Egg & egg powder

Milk, Dairy Products & Milk Powder

Tea , Coffee & cocoa products


Pesticides residue

Antibiotic residue

Heavy metals


Pathogen detection


Nutritional Labeling

Shelf life


Food additives, preservatives


Dyes and colorants




Dietary fiber


Physical tests

Chemical tests

PAHs, PBBs and PCBs

Product specific tests

Pesticides Residue:

Reliable covers a wide range of Pesticides Residue in different matrices of food and processed food items and is capable of conducting Pesticides Residue analysis for more than 350 pesticides in various food commodities. Its facility is accredited by NABL as per ISO:17025. Reliable uses huge bank of Certified Reference Materials imported from USA and Germany.

Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern and best instruments available in the World, with a continuous commitment from the management to update the existing facilities with new innovative instrumentation.

Antibiotic Residue:

Residues of veterinary medicines and drugs used by producers of animals and animal products are carried over in to the food including raw and processed meat, fish, dairy products and honey. To control direct toxicity and indirect effects on immune responses to consumers, it is vital that the food chain is safe guarded. Well established capabilities of RELIABLE for detection and quantification of these residues are confidently used by the exporters.


To find out adulteration in food and processed food items, RELIABLE has well defined procedures for colorants such as Sudan I, II, III, IV, Metanil Yellow, Rhodamine B, Insect Infestations along with any other types of adulterations. Methods and instrumentation involved for detection of adulterants are covered under our scope of accreditation of NABL.

Packaging and Migration:

Materials coming into contact with food during its production, processing, packaging, storage and preparation have the potential to contaminate food through the leaching or diffusion of chemicals in to the products through migration. To ensure food materials safety, unacceptable chemical migration is to be detected for which our laboratory is fully equipped and NABL accredited.


Reliable methods are validated as per ISO:17025 guidelines for detection of Aflatoxins. Reliable undertakes the analysis of Ochratoxins, DON, Zearalenone and other mycotoxins in Nuts, Cereals and various other Agri produce. European Union selected our scientists to train them at Central Science Laboratory, York, UK.

Genetically Modified Organisms:

Using the most accurate methods based on DNA analysis and Real-Time PCR technology, Reliable offers the most effective and validated molecular biology testing methods to distinguish between genetically modified and non modified food and other agri produce.

Dioxins, PAHs and PCBs:

These organic environmental contaminants occur in many marine and animal based foods at very low concentrations. Reliable is one of the few laboratories, able to analyze these toxins using specialized scientific facilities.


Reliable is equipped with a number of most sophisticated analytical instruments used for Pesticides Residue, Antibiotics, Heavy metal residue analysis like GLCs-ECD, NPD, FID; HPLCs; GC-MS-MS; LC-MS-MS and UV-VIS spectrophotometers. RELIABLE undertakes GC-MS and LC-MS-MS multi-residue analysis along with other key methods.  

GC-MS-MS detection is based on molecular ions and its fragments. It’s a confirmatory techniques based on Fingerprinting and NIST Library Match.

LC-MS-MS quantification is by ratio of Parent and Daughter ion. This technique is highly sensitive, accurate and very expensive but confirmatory based on one quantifier and two qualifier ions.


The team of analysts involved in analysis of adulterants, toxic elements, advanced multi residue analysis of Pesticides, Antibiotic Residue and Mycotoxins has received training at TNO, Holland; USDA, U.S.A.; Central Science Laboratory, UK as well as various trainings conducted in India. We are in an excellent position to develop and implement new innovative analytical methods to meet the ever changing needs of the industry along with time tested, established test methods. As a result, we are one of the very few laboratories to offer wide range of analysis.

Our highly qualified team of chemists, microbiologists and biotechnologists is dedicated to update existing methods and develop new techniques. RELIABLE is committed to capital investment in analytical instruments ensuring that our capabilities remain at the leading edge.

To instill a high level of confidence in the clients for its analytical capabilities, RELIABLE participates in a number of Proficiency testing programs where nodal agencies evaluate its performance in comparison to other laboratories of repute. The out come of these PT programmes, Z-Score, has always proved that RELIABLE’s performance is always accurate, trustworthy and near to the true value of results. Of its own initiative, RELIABLE also enters into Inter-Laboratory Comparisons with various NABL accredited reputed laboratories.

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